How to Determine if You Have Enough Coverage

Your home insurance is something that makes a huge difference in how you live your day to day and how secure your home is in the case of a disaster. There are some different ways that you can test to see if you have enough coverage that can help you make sure you have the right policy each and every time. For those that live in the Longwood, FL area, the agents with Blanchard Insurance can help you find the right policy for you.

The first way to determine if you have the right coverage is to have your home assessed in terms of value. This is going to tell you how much your home is worth so that you can then determine how much it would cost to rebuild in your current economy. You then need to discuss with your agent how much your home is worth and how much coverage you really need.

Another tip is to think about any updates or upgrades you have made to your home. If you have upgraded your home recently you likely need more coverage. If you have added valuable contents to your home you may also need more coverage. You also want to keep property values in mind and how much risk your home is at. If you live near water, for instance, you might want to consider flood insurance. If you live near a factory you might want to get a bit more coverage as well.

Taking the time to figure out how much coverage you need is one real factor that people need to consider in order to make sure you are covered. The wrong home insurance could be a disaster. For those in the Longwood, FL area, the agents with Blanchard Insurance can help you find the right policy.  

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements for Florida Drivers

Every Florida driver is required to purchase auto insurance, and they must have a minimum amount of coverage to legally drive in the state. You must also provide proof of insurance coverage before you can register your vehicle at the DMV, and you may have to purchase additional coverage if you have been found guilty of certain criminal offenses.

If you want to find the best auto insurance rates in Longwood, FL, it’s important to shop around, and be sure to take advantage of any online resources that may be available. You should also take a look at what’s available at Blanchard Insurance. They will be able to find a plan that will meet your needs and fit your budget.

The state of Florida requires any vehicle with four or more wheels to have the following coverage:

•    At least $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
•    At least $10,000 in Property Damage Liability (PDL)

The Florida DMV may ask you to purchase an additional amount in one or both of these areas if you have been convicted of certain crimes.

You have the option to purchase additional coverage in other areas (such as bodily injury and collision), and it may be advisable to do so because it could minimize your liability if you have an accident. Be sure to look around for the best rates in your area. And if you live in Longwood, FL, be sure to speak to an agent at Blanchard Insurance. They will be able to come up with a comprehensive plan that will meet your needs, and they’re more than happy to work within your budget. Be sure to call their offices so you can get the auto insurance coverage you need! They would be happy to speak with you!


How salty sea air affects your car’s paintjob in Longwood

Longwood, FL is one of the best places in the world to live. You get to enjoy warm weather all year long, and you’re never more than a short drive from the beach. But, being that close to the sea does have some downsides for your automobile. Namely, the salty sea air can do a number on your car’s exterior if you’re not careful.

The problem is that the salt starts to collect on your car and build up. A little bit here and there is no big deal, but let it collect without cleaning it, and your super cool James Bond-mobile is going to start looking very Mad Max very soon.

Salt is one of the most absorbent substances in the world. Anything it touches, it starts to chew away at. When you see those beach homes with the support beams on their last legs, that’s because salt was allowed to accumulate on the surface until it ate its way through to the core. The same thing can happen to your car, leaving you calling Blanchard Insurance to see what your policy says about salt damage.

If you live less than 100 miles away from the ocean, then this concerns you. Farther than that and the damages are minimal. If you live in Longwood, FL, especially if you like to take regular trips to the sea, then this is something to consider.

The only way to prevent this: Keep your car clean and waxed, and cover it up if you’re going to be letting it sit for awhile. This will keep the moisture from collecting on it. You can get coverage against certain kinds of wear and tear through Blanchard Insurance, but as they say, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.

Bats In The Attic: How Can Home Insurance Help?

Longwood, FL is a warm and comfortable place that serves as a home to a large number of bats. When bats move into your attic, it can be a dangerous situation for your home and your health. That’s why Blanchard Insurance think it is so important for you to understand how home insurance can help cover you in this circumstance.

The Damage Caused By Bats

When bats settle in your attic, they can cause a wide range of problems. For example, they cause minor damage by chewing through wood and insulation in order to make nests. They can also spread bat mites and disease through your home, putting the health and well-being of your family at risk. However, the worst part about bats is their droppings.

Bat droppings or guano is a very acidic item that will not only make your home smell gross, but can actually be dangerous to your health. Shockingly, it is acidic enough to eat through wood and other home items, such as electrical wiring. These dangers make it important to understand how to get rid of bats and how insurance can help.

Home Insurance And Bats

What is interesting about bats is that many home insurance polices will cover damage caused by them, even if they do not cover other pests. Why is this the case? The wording on many policies indicate they will not cover damage caused by “birds, vermin, rodents, or insects.”

Bats are none of these things: they are mammals that are not considered vermin because they do not meet the definition of being animals that are difficult to control, which prey on game, or compete with humans for food.

As a result, you should call Blanchard Insurance if your Longwood, FL home attic has been invaded by bats. This can help protect your home from the kind of damage these annoying pests can cause in your home.

Can Home Insurance Premiums Be Deducted From Taxes?

Homeowners in Longwood, FL often look for ways to cut living expenses and free up cash for savings or recreation. As you prepare your next tax return, you may wonder if you can safely deduct home insurance premiums from your taxable income. This could significantly reduce how much money you owe, especially if you own a large house.

This deduction is only feasible under certain circumstances. Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners don’t qualify. If you use your entire home for private residential purposes, you can’t deduct these costs. This holds true even when a mortgage payment includes the insurance premiums. You can only deduct the interest in a home loan payment.


On the other hand, you may be able to subtract the expense of homeowners’ insurance if you rent your house to someone else. Property taxes and repairs are often deductible in this situation as well. If you pay for multiple years of coverage with a single payment, you’ll need to deduct one year at a time when filing returns.


Do you run a business in a portion of your house? If so, you might qualify to deduct a percentage of your insurance and utility bills. For instance, perhaps you have a 200 square-foot office in a 1,400 square-foot residence. If you only use the office for business purposes, the IRS would probably allow you to claim 14 percent of these costs as a deduction.

Regardless of whether or not you can deduct premiums from your taxes, you’ll save money on homeowners insurance by finding a more affordable policy. The experienced agents at Blanchard Insurance can help you accomplish this. Our independent agency has served the Longwood, FL area for more than two decades. To get started, please call Blanchard Insurance today at 407-788-8640.

3 Reasons to Always have Auto Insurance in Florida

If you live in Longwood, FL, you should never ever be caught without auto insurance. Why, you ask? The following is an overview of three reasons to always have auto insurance in Florida. 


First and foremost, driving without sufficient insurance coverage is punishable by an array of penalties. These penalties include things such as monetary fees, suspension of license, and more. Rather than taking a gamble with your entire driving record and future, simply purchase an auto insurance policy and save yourself the trouble. 

Avoid "High Risk" Labeling 

Driving without sufficient insurance coverage can lead you to being labeled as a "high risk" to insurance agencies. This is mostly due to the fact that driving without insurance, even for a short time, makes you appear irresponsible as a driver. Therefore, by acquiring and maintaining suitable coverage, you will avoid the complications of being labeled as a "high risk" candidate within the insurance realm. 

Avoid Costly Lawsuits

Last but not least, one of the top reasons to always have auto insurance in Florida is to avoid costly lawsuits. No matter if you have suitable coverage or not, you will still be held accountable if someone is injured as a result of your negligence or mistakes behind the wheel. By purchasing a high-quality auto insurance policy, you are ensuring that the majority of these fees are paid by your insurance agency, rather than out of pocket.

Overall, if you are seeking high quality auto insurance coverage in Longwood, FL, Blanchard Insurance is the way to go. Simply stop in, call, or email us today and find out a way to start your policy at once and save. You’ve waited long enough. Call Blanchard Insurance today! 

3 Reasons to Winterize Your Home

Homeowners in Longwood, FL often have homes in other areas of the United States. They come to Florida to enjoy the lovely weather and their holidays. However, before leaving their homes, it’s important that they winterize it.

Winterizing Second Homes Saves Money

One of the main threats against a home during the winter months is frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can cause water damage and leave you with a hefty repair bill. Before you head to Florida this year, it’s imperative that you prepare your water pipes for the winter. You should consider insulating your pipes to ensure they can withstand freezing temperatures. You may want to consider placing your water on “vacation” which will help you avoid freezing pipes altogether.

Conducting Home Inspections Help Avoid Problems

Your roof plays a significant roof during the winter months. It safeguards your home’s interiors. As such, it’s critical that you make sure you get a roof inspection, along with other annual inspections. A roof inspection will uncover roofing problems that could jeopardize your home while you are out. In addition to a roofing inspection, you should consider having a professional check the following:

  • Your heating system
  • Your gutters
  • Your windows and doors
  • Your foundation

By doing your inspections before leaving, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your home can withstand whatever Mother Nature brings this winter.

Winterizing Uncovers Security Holes

When you leave your home for the winter, the last thing you want to be concerned about is whether a thief is in your home. Fortunately, taking a 360-degree assessment of your home will highlight light problems that may be an opportunity for thieves. Use your assessment of your home to secure your home so that you can enjoy Longwood, FL without any stress.

If you need home insurance or you are interested in increasing your home insurance policy, Blanchard Insurance is here to help. We encourage you to give us a call today so that we can ensure your home insurance policy meets your needs.



Auto Insurance: Is It Really Necessary?

If you were able to make the decision on your own, you likely would choose to not get auto insurance so you could save money or put it towards other things. However, in the state of Florida, you are required by law to have auto insurance that meets the state minimums. Even with knowing the state minimum requirements, is auto insurance really necessary? Continue reading to see why we think it is in Longwood, FL.

What are the State Minimums in Florida?

Florida does not have as strict of requirements as other states but there is still a set minimum. As a Florida driver, this is what you should have covered in your insurance policy:

  • $10,000 of no-fault or personal injury protection (PIP) insurance.
  • $10,000 of property damage liability (PDL) insurance.

What Can Happen If You Do Not Have The State Minimum?

In Florida, you could face some penalties and you do not have to even get pulled over for this to happen. The DHSMV will know if you do not have a record of auto insurance and will contact you to get the proof or they will fine you. In this state, you will get fined for not having auto insurance. For the first offense, it is $150. For a second offense, you will pay $250. For every offense after that, you will pay $500. These amounts can add up very quickly if you do not get the auto insurance in time. It is best to get auto insurance because in the long run, you will save money by paying for that instead of fines.

If you are ready to get an auto insurance policy that meets state requirements and your budget, be sure to contact our agents with Blanchard Insurance, serving Longwood, FL, today. we will be happy to run some quotes for you.

Longwood, FL Autumns and Ramifications for Home Insurance

As a resident of Longwood, FL, you probably are not used to extremely harsh transitions between the summer and autumn, as are some of your neighbors to the north. However, the weather does start to cool, and you experience several side effects of this change that could affect your home and could be the cause of damage to your home if you do nothing to prevent it.

There are a few things that you should pay attention to during this season. You should be aware that pests, such as rodents, insects, and even birds are often looking for an escape from the cold temperatures and will often find their way indoors in order to keep warm. This often means that they will be trying to come into your home. You should take all the steps possible to keep them out, as they can cause damage to your home that will likely not be covered by your home insurance policy. You should also make sure that all of the dead leaves are cleared away, as they can cause all sorts of problems themselves. They can clog up your gutters if it is rainy and increase the risk of fires if it is dry. You should also make sure the insulation works well and that the pipes are not damaged so that you do not lose heat and have to pay extra for it when the weather gets cold (and that you do not have to pay to fix your pipes). It is important that you go through your home insurance policy this autumn so that you get a refresher course on the types of damage that will not be covered (and thus the types of damage you should work extra hard to prevent).

If you are living in Longwood, FL and are concerned about home insurance in the fall and impending winter, you can go to Blanchard Insurance for the answers that you seek. The insurance agents at Blanchard Insurance can give you all the information you need to make sure that you minimize the amounts that you have to pay for uninsured damages in the autumn.

The Difference Between Home and Renters Insurance

Whether you are making a change from renting to owning or vice versa, you should understand the difference between having homeowners insurance and renters insurance. There are some similarities in coverages, but before you buy your first home or move into a rental, you should discuss the details with the qualified agents at the Blanchard Insurance in Longwood, FL.

The Buildings’ Structure

Homeowners insurance typically covers the structure of your home. Structures that are attached or separate, but are part of the property may also be covered. This can include garages, sheds, porches, decks, or other dwellings located on the property.

When you are renting, the landlord would maintain coverage for the structure of the building you are living in. Disasters that affect the property are most likely covered under his or her policy. There are some exceptions. If damage is done to the property and it is deemed your fault, you would have to pay for the repairs. This is where you would need renters insurance to help alleviate the cost of damages you may be responsible for.

Your Personal Property

Homeowners insurance protects the property in your home. If you own your home, your personal property’s protected under homeowners insurance. If you are renting, the landlord insures the building, but you would need insurance to cover your personal belongings. Renters insurance is there to help you in case your personal property is stolen, vandalized, or lost due to fire or other catastrophes. You can also tailor your policy to cover specific water damages as well.

You should be aware that if your property is destroyed, the landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your items. It only covers the building. It is important to talk with an agent at Blanchard Insurance to help you decide what form of coverage you will need to protect yourself and your personal property.

Don’t get caught unprotected. Call or visit the independent agents in Longwood, FL at Blanchard Insurance to help you choose the right policy for your home and family.